Warm and Fuzzy

Ive been working on some various socks. Mostly the STR in Pebble Beach. I have the first sock done, and it fits, now I have to talk myself in to casting on the second sock. I just got two more skeins of the lovely STR in the mail, and now of course Id much rather knit with one of the "new" colors. Bug wants some leg warmers. I thought about using STR in Sherbert (its way brighter in person) for them, but then decided I wanted something a bit more...fuzzy. I went stash diving and found some Rowan Tapestry in Rainbow (171) I got during a WEBS sale a while back, and I think it would make very nice, soft, cushy leg warmers for the bug. Now of course, I have seen all the other pretty colors it comes in, and kind of sorta want to get that 172 for myself. But would I wear leg warmers? I would wear arm warmers...Hmmm.

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