Oh Hai knitting blog!

Nursing school has continued to monopolize the majority of my time. Rather than knitting needles and fabulous soft yarn these hands hold a highlighter and text book for hours on end. BUT in a compromise that in my mind makes total sense, I am knitting me a heart. A very nice soft anatomical heart.



I whipped up this cute hat for a co-worker who is due to have a baby girl on Christmas. It was fast, and easy, and really cute when finished! Its on ravery under Cupcake Hat. Its a free pattern, and there are a ton of completed versions to check out with fun yarns that look like sprinkles and such. Some knitters have even sewn on little beads and sequins to look more sprinkle-y.

Now my daughter (who is 8) wants one too! So it looks like Ill be casting that on soon. Im doing fairly well with Christmas knitting. I have to finish the kiddo's teacher's scarf, and I have a neck warmer on the needles for a friend but thats about all that NEEDS to be done. I have my last final exam on Monday and then Ill have knitting time again!!


Ravelry Mini-Mart

Oh ravelry and your cursed mini mart of way too cute t-shirts. I have the "daily dose of fiber" one in green, and the nice maroon "disagree(1)" as well. Now, I HAD to get the new one, the one of Bob in the yarn pile? OMG the cuteness. And they are all American Apparel Ts. So soft and comfy. But look at BOB!

(photo from ravelry mini-mart).

They have so much cute knitting swag. Ravelry is just fabulous. I love cruising through there looking at patterns and getting inspired. Currently Im making the Cupcake Hat for a co-worker who is due on Christmas. I never would have founf that cuteness without ravelry. So...I can justify my spending the bucks on cute ravelry Ts, to support such an awesome knitting resource.


My poor neglected yarn..

Oh knitting, how I miss thee. School is consuming my entire life. I havent even touched any yarn in like, a week. Its sad. Very sad. I am trying to work on another one of those simple lacy scarves for my mother. Its blue and very pretty. Bug wants me to whip one up for her teacher in a nice dark green as well, but Im worried I just wont be able to make it happen. Only one more semester of this madness...