Chev, meet Ron.

I have been working on turning those two balls of yarn over there into the Chevron Scarf as seen in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I grew that yarn myself. (I wish). Its actually the fabulousness of Hazel Knits. I LOVE her yarn. The colors are amazing and knit up all nice and variegated-like. No pooling or striping, atleast not at my gauge. My scarf is pretty nice so far. East to remember pattern makes some nice and relaxing, almost completely mindless knitting. The orange (High OcTANG) is only slightly variegated so the scarf IS a bit stripey, but I like it. Pictures will follow once its more than 4 inches long.

I am also working on a couple pairs of basic socks. I dont have the attention span lately to do much more than the round and round of knit knit knit stitch.


Heather said...

Those colours are Beeootiful!

Oh, and Leafling will be available to the public in March '09.

Daisy mum said...

How did you grow those? I want to grow balls of yarn.