Ive been working on a few different things. My patterns came from Sublime Stitching and that was very exciting. I had gotten a couple of plain white shirts for the kiddo during the recent clearance sales at Old Navy and last night I tackled one. She really wanted a couple doxies stitched (my parents have dachshunds) on the chest, but the size of the pattern vs. the size of the shirt made it look akward, so we decided to place them down toward the hem. It came out nice, and she is already wearing it. I need more practice, but Im pleased with it and she is pleased with it and I already have another shirt prepped and ready to go. She had a bunch of plain french terry shorts that I could use as well. I think she would let me embroider her entire wardrobe if I wanted to.

As far as knitting goes, Ive been working on a pair of Flat Feet up. There is already a strong following for this yarn and it sells out really quickly.. I really like this yarn so far, and have been stalking it all over the interwebs figuring out my favorite colorways and design elements. Its really neat how different each flat knits Mine is striped as well as dotted and so far has almost a self-striping quality to it, but its not exact. Ill post my pics when I have more to share.

The chevron scarf is looking beautiful. Its bright and I love the way the stitches look close up. The feather and fan element is so pretty. I want it to be really long so I can wrap it around my neck multiple times in the cold. I like that its knit with sock yarn as well, a thats the most fun in my opinion. I cam se myself knitting many more of these in the future.Im trying to keep plugging away on these projects and not cast on anything else, but thats so hard sometimes. I need to finish the bug's socks before her feet grow and they wont even fit! Im going to buckle down on those this weekend. No more embroidery until I have finished the socks! Sometimes when I have more then a couple projects cast on I start to feel a little stressed by all the unfinished-ness. I dont want knitting to add to the stress in my life.

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