hawaii socks

Ive been working on socks quite a bit lately. They are small and portable and have that immediate gratification thing going for them. I am in love with Socks that Rock and have bought quite a few colorways in the last few months. Before we left for our trip to Hawaii in March I got the Thunder on the Mountain because it is super colorful and made me think hawaiian thoughts. I worked on these socks while on the airplane, the beach and then finished up the second one once back at home. I, sadly, cast on too few stitched for them to fit my massive feet, so they are going to my mom for Mother's Day. She loves them already, so they are going to a good home.

I cant get over the stitch definition with the STR mediumweight. I could sit here and look at these stitches all day. And the colors are so bright, and the yarn is so soft. I love it.

I did actually start on that shawl I posted about before, but tore it out because I was knitting it really tightly. Now Im going to put it on the back burner for a bit because my yarn for the Chevron Scarf came and I cant wait to dive into that. I have finished the first of the pair for Bug's orchid socks. Hopefully I will finish the second one within the next few days as she is anxious for them. Ive caught her more than once walking around with the one sock on...

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