Up next: Its a wrap!

I have been looking at shawls and wraps on Ravelry half the evening. I love the Shoalwater Shawl and wish it were online somewhere to buy and download. I hate waiting for a paper copy in the mail! But it looks like thats going to have to be what I do. I (just) bought a bunch of Plymouth Boku in color 11 for the shawl I decide to knit. (It was on sale!) See, I also like the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl - which is alot like the Shoalwater. And of course, Jeanie is completely perfect. UGH. Its this cold weather we continue to have in Minnesota, and the even colder mornings and getting out of bed and immediately wanting to hop into a hot bath and these maybe-if-I-had-a-nice-shawl-I-would-be-toasty ideas forcing me to buy pretty yarn and dream of casting on a wooly wrap - when I already have the Falling Leaves Shawl on the needles that I have been intending to finish for over a year, and three pairs of socks, and an afghan... We dont have to mention the two skeins of Socks that Rock en route, or that I have plenty of Noro and Cascade 220 in the stash that would make lovely wraps. Im sure I bought all that with other intended projects, and as soon as they come to me Ill knit them right up, I promise.

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