knitting worksheet

My daughter comes home from school everyday and promptly hands me her folder full of worksheets and such that she has completed that day. Last night, she proudly fished this one out before handing me the rest and said "Momma, read what I wrote at the bottom!"

My mom knits.

How cute is that? Well, I was impressed.

She is a knitter in the making. All those words to choose from, and she writes about her momma and knitting.


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Caroline said...

Hey! I just came across your blog after looking for people who had "Ravelry" as one of their interests.

I'm also a nursing student who knits! It gets me through some hard Theory tests, I'll tell ya that.

Where do you go to school? I just read a few of your posts and it sounds like you're doing your peds clinical now? I'm doing my community health and psyc clinicals now and am finishing up my last semester this summer. I can't wait! I'm still waiting to get my placement with my preceptor for the summer, but I'm hoping to do L&D - I absolutely loved it last semester.