a day in clinical, and then some.

Its been a tough week. I had a Theory Test on Wed, and I had Clinical today. That means I have gotten very little sleep. My ass is dragging, but I did have a good day at the hospital. I got to do a straight (bladder) cath, and an IV piggyback, and then observed Resp. Therapist do a vest treatment on a patient with CF. I inserted a suppository, and did G-Tube feedings. I helped the pediatric resident figure some stuff out about my patient, and had a wonderful RN to shadow. Doing Clinical prep always sucks - Im up all night doing drug cards and care plans, but then I get there in the morning and have my very own patient! And I get to be and RN for the day! That pretty much rules.

Bug has swimming lessons tonight. You should see that kid once she hits the water! She just goes and goes, no fear at all. I remember my mom taking me to the YMCA for lessons when I was about Bug's age. She used to swim with me, and at the end I sometimes got to jump off the diving board with this styrofoam block strapped to my back. Mom would tread water in the middle of the pool and Id jump into her arms, then beg her to let me do it again and again. I always loved the water, and now the kiddo does too. While we were in Hawaii a few weeks back I couldnt keep her out of the ocean. Dave would have to go in a ways and catch her when the waves pulled her out too far, and shed screech and laugh! It was an amazing vacation. Im lucky to be very close with my parents, and that my husband gets on with them so well. We all spend a lot of time together, and watching my daughter with my mom and dad is one of my favoritist things.

So yea, swimming lessons tonight and then tomorrow I have the whole entire day and night to myself. Aside from sleep for about half of it, I dont know what to do with myself! I refuse to do anything practical like homework or laundry. I just might knit and watch movies OnDemand all day long. Bug has been bugging me for a new pair of socks and I picked up ShibuiKnits in the colorway Orchid just for her. Id love to get started on that. Kids socks knit up so nice and quick. Instant gratification.

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