Horses, Geisha and Flat Feet

Its been busy around here over the last couple weeks, and I havent been getting as much knitting or stitching time as I had been. Bug started horseback riding lessons, and she does that every Friday evening. She LOVES it and I cant believe how quickly she has caught on. Its really fun to watch her. Here she is with her first go at trotting!

She looks so small on that horse, and its only a pony! I can see her wanting to continue lessons for a long time. Its English style riding and her big goal is to learn how to jump. My goal is not to have a heart attack.

Im working on stitching a tea towel with this geisha design from doe-c-doe and Im loving it. There are so many fantastic vintage patterns in this flickr group, and I have saved many of them. I just want to be more creative with what I embroider. Tea towels and pillow cases are great, but I really liked how the vital organs hoodie came out:

Thats my husband modeling there, but its actually a hoodie for me. It looks best zippered up, because when its open the front kind of flips out and you can see the underside of the embroidery a little, but I kept it neat so Im trying not to let that bother me. I think I might add a hypo needle on the sleeve or something as well.

As far as knitting goes, Im plugging away at my Flat Feet socks so I have an excuse to buy more of that fun yarn. I dont mind the kinkiness as I unravel the flat to knit, and I like all the neat patterns and colors they come in. Im using size two needles rather then the threes the yarn suggests, but I tend to knit a bit loose so the fabric is perfect - not too dense at all. I like how the colors arent pooling or striping, just sort of all over the place. So far they are pretty cool socks.


apocaknits said...

I'm loving that hoodie- gimme gimme.
(comment train)

Heather said...

Awesome. All of it.

Heather said...

And, thanks for the birthday card. What great mail to come home from vacation to. Thank you.

Nancy said...

Your embroidery looks fantastic! I'm a cross-stitcher, but I don't have the nerve to do anything so "free hand". I need patterns (I'm a chicken!) My neice is a horse gal, too. She's been riding since she was 7 or 8 and now she's a teen. Her Father says it's ok because she'd rather talk to horses than boys!

cate said...

Love the socks. I'm gonna have to do that!!! Thanks for dropping by. catie

Kay aka dkswife said...

Ha ha! I think a vital needle would be great on the hoodie!

dkswife from the rav blog train

Iron Needles said...

Love your embroidery. I will have to turn my sister on to your blog. She does quite a bit of the same sort of stuff.

Ria said...

Oh good luck with the riding lessons, I'm having a heart attack just looking at the picture. Maybe some sedatives when she actually does jump? my daughter had no nterest in horses, but i took lessons when i was about Bug's size - don't know how my mom survived. the hoodie is really cool - love the hypo idea!

Ria- tonyfan20 on ravelry

ps- found you on a blog train.